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sharing what we know

I’ve always been impressed by how often my fellow freelance writers are willing to share what they know — the name (and email address) of the right editor to approach at a particular publication, social media marketing tips and strategies, advice on how to handle difficult clients or assignments, and more.

In recent months, I’ve had three different writers approach me for my take on the writing life, and it’s been an honor each time to share my perspective and recommendations.

knowledge share fair 2009 - booth 2

I’ve only once gotten burned in being open about my profession. For the most part, however, those negative experiences are few and far between. Writers are generous with their time and knowledge. We love good writing! We want to help other writers do well! When you get right down to it, helping each other be better at our jobs — and encouraging writers who are new to the industry — simply promotes better journalism. And writers have long memories: If you help me with a question or problem I’m having, chances are I’ll remember that down the road when you’re in a jam and I can help.

If you’re in a bind, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Go to your colleagues, your writers’ circle, online journalism communities, and raise your hand and ask your question. You’ll get a response. And no matter how new you are to writing, or how inexperienced you may feel in your particular specialty, don’t be shy if you find an opportunity to step in and share your wisdom. There’s a good chance you have a key piece of information or an important perspective that no one else can offer.

(Creative Commons photo by Petr Kosina)

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