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Co-working at the Collective Agency

Need a place to get your work done? Is that corner desk in your studio apartment not quite working out for you? Are your dogs not giving you the intellectual engagement you thought they might when you adopted them? Why not join the Oregon News Incubator as we bring our work parties to a new location, Portland’s Collective Agency.

Beginning now,  ONI members will be joining the other independent professionals at the Old Town home  of the Collective Agency, which occupies the space once known as Souk. Led by Alex Linsker, Summer Abbott and Ryland Fitzhugh, the Collective Agency welcomes up to 30 people from 9 to 5 in a lively, collegial co-working space. ONI members will often be there on Thursdays from 10 to 2, but expect to see some of us at other times.

Why the Collective Agency and not the other coffee shops and other spaces at which we’ve made our presence known? Three reasons stand out:

  • It’s FREE (though the Collective Agency offers additional amenities and 24/7 access to paid members). Everyone gets WiFi access, coffee, occasional pot luck food, and access to conference rooms up to two hours a day.
  • We’ve seen the Collective Agency in action, and we know the space can provide some of the impromptu collaboration and engagement we might have sacrificed when we decided to leave traditional workplaces to strike out on our own.
  • It’s central. The Collective Agency’s location at 322 NW Sixth Ave, Ste. 200, sits right by the MAX yellow and green lines and a host of Tri-Met bus lines. It’s also a short bike ride from much of Portland.

For many freelancers and independent journalists, the lack of a consistent workplace with a strong community can be a stumbling block to productivity. What’s more, think of the story ideas and sourcing that can come from working alongside professionals in a number of different fields. We’re looking forward to bringing our experiment in nurturing independent journalism to the Collective Agency’s experiment in co-working.

We’ll see you there at 10 on Thursdays (at least). In the meantime, check out some more about the Collective Agency’s policies.

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