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the plan: co-working on Thursday, 8 March 2012

The plan is for ONI to be back at Java Nation this coming Thursday morning, beginning somewhere in the neighborhood of 9:30 or 10 a.m.

Since my favorite Portland co-working spot — Caffe Autogrill — closed down, Java Nation (which had been a close second) is now my go-to spot for productivity outside my home office.

Non-ONI folks are welcome to join us. We’ll just be hanging out at various tables and working — sounds like a blast, eh? The benefit of doing this in parallel is several-fold: the physical proximity makes it easier to share resources and leads and to brainstorm ideas; I’ve also found that being around other people who are being productive inspires more diligence and focus in myself.

THAT HAVING BEEN SAID, this Thursday morning does kick off the beginning of the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament. So although I do have a few writerly projects to attend to, it’s just as likely that I’ll be sitting in the coffee shop watching Wake Forest v. Maryland on my computer. (With headphones on, of course.)

Anyway, I hope this outing will mark a more regular return to co-working at Java Nation. ONI folks still do show up at The Collective Agency from time to time, also.

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