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Jennifer Willis is a freelance journalist and editor, technical writer, essayist and urban fantasy author. She is also the author of the Green Soul Guide, navigating the intersection between spirituality and the environment.

  • Specialty areas: Religion/spirituality, sustainability, history, health.
  • Interests: Travel, dogs, rock climbing, back packing, cooking, college sports.
  • Website: jennifer-willis.com
  • Twitter: @jenwillis

Bill Lascher is a journalist and literary non fiction writer. His work often explores the intersection of the environment with scientific, social, political and economic forces. He also writes general interest news, travelogues and cultural features and critiques. His website is Lascheratlarge.com.

Betsy Richter owns and operates 2 different online ventures — OurPDX Networks, a group blog written by Portlanders for Portlanders; and Redoing Media, an internet radio show on pdx.fm focusing on the rapidly-changing digital media landscape.  Follow her on Twitter at either betsywhim, ourpdx, or redoingmedia.

Michael Andersen is editor and publisher of Portland Afoot, a new 10-minute newsmagazine about low-car life in PDX. He does other stuff, too, and you can reach him at mike.andersen@gmail.com.

  • Specialty areas: Transportation, journalistic entrepreneurship.
  • Interests: Popular music. Unpopular video games. The State.
  • Website: OldForestNewTrees.com
  • Twitter: @johnatthebar

Rebecca Robinson is an award-winning journalist, writer and editor. In addition to writing for print and online outlets, she’s also worked as a radio producer at Oregon Public Broadcasting and as managing editor of the late, great Portland Sentinel.

  • Specialties: Social entrepreneurship, Portland neighborhoods, homelessness, religion/spirituality
  • Interests: Music, hidden histories, the Great Outdoors, outliers
  • Website: rebeccarobinson.wordpress.com
  • Twitter: RebRobs

T.A. Barnhart is a progressive political blogger at tabarnhart.net and a contributor to Blue Oregon.

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky is an independent researcher and consultant with a yen for journalism-related projects. He publishes the Borasky Research Journal, an independent blog about stuff. He tweets. A lot. Some of it even makes sense. Sometimes.

  • Specialty areas: Open source software, applied math and statistics, data-driven journalism, social media.
  • Interests: Fresh air, classical music, computers.
  • Website: Borasky Research Journal
  • Twitter: @znmeb

Barry Johnson has covered Portland’s art scene from every imaginable angle since 1979.

Abraham Hyatt is production editor at ReadWriteWeb and the creator of Digital Journalism Portland.

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