Work (Party) With Us

The best way to get involved with the Oregon News Incubator is to come to one of our mobile work parties.

What’s a work party? Each gathering is an informal co-working opportunity for journalists to convene in a comfortable space to work in parallel, brainstorm ideas, share resources, etc. Think of them as roving newsrooms. They’re not just for writers – photographers, broadcasters and multimedia journalists can come to network, partner on projects or work alongside other reporters. We often even have “news meetings”  to discuss story ideas, potential sources and possible markets. In addition to refining story ideas, they also offer a chance to identify participants with similar interests or potential collaborators for projects. Editors: We’d love to put you in touch with freelancers; meanwhile, please feel free to point freelancers you work with in our direction.

Currently, we meet at the Collective Agency in Portland’s Old Town neighborhood, a centrally located space easily accessible by multiple bus and max lines, bicycle, feet and car. It’s located at 322 NW Sixth Ave, Ste. 200

Though we meet roughly from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursdays, as described in this post, the Collective Agency is free Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. There’s coffee, pot luck food, and a number of non-journalists around for spontaneous collaboration and conversation. Though our work parties take place on Thursdays, ONI members can often be found at the Collective Agency on other days.

These work parties are casual – there’s no requirement to come to the entire event and you can get involved to the extent you wish. The goal: nurture community among journalists, get out of the home office, make new friends and learn new techniques. We’re also planning monthly after-hours work parties (location TBA) so those of you with full-time jobs or other daytime responsibilities can spend some time developing independent projects.

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